Want your taps sparkling clean?

One of the things our customers love the most is the shiny silverware in their bathrooms after we've worked our magic.

Water marks and toothpaste stains can really spoil an otherwise stylish bathroom.

Want to know our secret? Read on.

Limescale can spoil the most beautiful bathroom space. When you're trying to get your spa on, the last you want is to be distracted by grime.

Shiny taps are high on my customers' wish list. And something I often get feedback on.

Libby said 'Aisha I had a bath this evening and my taps were like mirrors. I've never seen them look so good. Thank you for all your hard work'.

Feedback like that makes my job worthwhile.

So, want to know the secret? Vinegar!

The acid in the vinegar dissolves all those nasty build-ups and leaves your taps looking brand new.

Got a build up of limescale on your spout? No, you don't need to see a doctor.

Just soak a cotton wool pad in vinegar and fasten it to your tap with a hair band. Leave it for half an hour, then rub off the limescale. Easy!

Sound like too much harder work? Let me do it for you!

Get in touch today for a domestic cleaning quote. I'll have you sparkling like a swanky spa in no time.




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