Who are Handy Helpers?

I'm Aisha and I run Handy Helpers. After a career as a lawyer I started my family, and realised family life and a legal career don't mix. I was missing my lion cub by working long hours. Something had to change.

Through personal experience, I know how hard it is to work, parent and keep on top of a home. So I decided to start a business to help busy people do just that.

I've always been handy. My dad taught me that you have to be self-reliant and I learnt my DIY skills from him. That really came in handy when I became a single mum.

Now I run Handy Helpers. I love using my practical skills to help busy people enjoy their homes and gardens, without it taking up their precious free time. 

I'm proud to be a female business owner, a handyWOMAN and a positive role model to my son.

If you need help with your home and garden, get in touch today.



We're a female-run small business in the North East of England. Handy Helpers believe life is too short to do your own cleaning. We're here to give you back your free time and family life. So ditch those rubber gloves, make a cuppa and put your feet up because Handy Helpers are here. Get in touch today to find out more about our services or to book a free consultation visit.

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