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Our response to COVID-19 

I realise its a very distressing time at the moment, with cleanliness being top of many people's agenda. I want to reassure all my clients that Handy Helpers are following  government, WHO and NHS guidelines, and continue to keep updated with all recommendations.

We've been asked if we are doing anything differently in the current climate.


But the truth is that we take our clients' wellbeing seriously all of the time, not just in times of crisis. We observe appropriate health and safety precautions as a matter of course.


However, I have made the decision to implement the changes listed here.


I am in the process of writing to all my clients individually, however, I have decided that any regular cleaning client who wishes to swap their services for gardening or an alternative service during this time can do so.


I hope this helps to alleviate any concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further questions.


Let's stop the spread and stay safe.




Chief helper


How we'll help stop the spread 

  1. From delivery of stock (ordered last week) we will replace kitchen sprays with antibac and bathroom sprays with disinfectants.

  2. As a precaution, we will stop using our mops and vacuums and instead use customers' own (although there is no evidence of cross contamination from vacuums).

  3. All our cloths, dusters and mop pads are boil washed and changed between each client. This will continue.

  4. From delivery of stock, Lisa and I will now wear a disposable apron between each client home. We pride ourselves on being environmentally ethical, so these will be changed over to material in due course to prevent unnecessary one-use plastic.

  5. I have made the decision that Lisa and I will not start wearing gloves. This is because our hands are constantly in cleaning products and are washed too many times a day to count. Gloves would not provide any additional protection.

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